Remembering With You art (Download)

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This is not a physical print. Purchase to download gives you the high-resolution file to print to the size of your preference up to 16"x20". 
You can print at home, at a local print shop or office supply store, or your favorite online photo center! Use thicker paper (i.e. cardstock) for a beautiful result.
Colors may vary slightly due to viewing different monitors.
This purchase is for PERSONAL ONE-TIME USE ONLY. Commercial use is strictly prohibited.
When a mother elephant has a miscarriage, scientists observe she often enters a period of despondency. She changes her behavior in such a way that even humans (an entirely different species) take notice, and say “something has happened.”
And in a matriarchal, elephant community, the grieving mother is not alone. Sisters, aunts, and others in the community have been known to surround her, stay beside her, and touch her trunk in what seem to be expressions of affection.
In the same way, this print was commissioned for #infantlossawareness and #pregnancyloss. For anyone who is grieving the loss of a child you were not given an opportunity to watch grow up, we stand with you. If you know someone who is grieving this loss, this print is one way to show you see the pain, you hurt with them, you stand by them, and will always remember.
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