Jackson and the Not-So-Colorful Day

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Jackson and the Not-So-Colorful Day is a timely, whimsical picture storybook that celebrates cultural diversity from a child’s point of view. Jackson is a young artist who loves to draw. His prized possession is the box of 120 crayons his grandpa gave him for his birthday. He loves every one of the colors. But when he wakes the morning of the junior art show, everything looks black, white, or gray. Nothing in his room, his house, his neighborhood—even the artwork he made for the art show—has the bright, vivid colors it should. As Jackson, his grandfather, and his friends make their way to the art show, Jackson wonders if the color will ever come back. What can he do to start seeing, and enjoying, color again?

This picture storybook is a great choice for early elementary-age kids.

Jackson Coloring Sheet Download

Click the link above to download a free Jackson coloring sheet.

Amanda Roman Leak, the author, grew up in the melting pot of the city that is Chicago, Illinois. She is a long-time creative, proud of her Latin roots, and embraces the many facets of culture, her own as well as others'. When she and husband Ryan were married, Amanda became more widely known as the bride in “The Surprise Wedding.” This documentary of their unconventional wedding went viral in 2013 with more than 1.4 million views on YouTube. She has been featured on Good Morning America and The Today Show, among many other media outlets, and is a co-author of The One, personal stories and practical advice about finding “the one” through faith. Amanda and Ryan reside in Dallas, Texas, where they are raising their two boys, Jaxson and Roman, with opportunities to soak in their own cultural experiences.

The dream of writing a book that celebrates cultural diversity from a child’s point of view is now a reality in Jackson and the Not-So-Colorful Day, and it is Amanda’s greatest hope that as families read it, they will be inspired to see the beauty of cultures all around them.

To learn more about Amanda, follow her @amandaromanleak or visit orangebooks.com/authors.

Anastasia Magloire Williams, the illustrator, is a visual communicator who considers herself more of a storyteller than simply a designer or an artist. Using a unique blend of graphic, illustrative, and painterly illustration, she believes that "style" should always serve the story, or concept. Currently represented by the Bright Agency, Ana is passionate about the visual communication process and frequently explores new techniques and outlets for her creative thought and ideation. Most importantly, Anastasia aspires to inspire others as she has been inspired by the collaborative efforts of creatives from all backgrounds and disciplines.

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