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Discover What Your Kid Needs Most in This Phase—Updated with New Guidance!


Kids grow fast. As soon as you figure out what’s going on in their world—from their toddler brain development to their high school friend drama—everything changes. Each new phase of your kid's life feels like exploring uncharted territory. Just when you think you’ve got it down, they grow—mentally, physically, and emotionally, bringing new and unexpected challenges.


Meet the updated edition of Parent Cue’s most popular series—the Phase Guides. The Phase Guides are a trusted resource of parents across the nation to help them raise kids with faith and character. Each guide is tailored to a kid’s unique phase and is based on hundreds of hours of research and countless interviews with child development experts, professional counselors, teachers, and parents.


More than a "journal" but less than a detailed "manual," these guides were made for busy parents—offering guidance to help you navigate your unique journey parenting your unique kid.



Our best-selling parenting guide has been updated to provide you with even more support to understand your kid at every phase.

What’s New About Each Guide:

  • Reader Experience:  Redesigned look for improved reading comprehension.
  • Updated Insights:  Up-to-date insights into what to expect in each phase, what makes each phase unique, age-based milestones and timelines.
  • Navigating Crisis:  Insights and action steps to recognize and navigate an upcoming crisis from trusted, licensed professionals.
  • Peek at What’s Next:  Glimpse into the next phase to help you anticipate what’s coming.
  • Expanded Resources:  Even more resources, downloads, and reading lists for each phase.

What’s Included in Each Guide:

  • InsightLearn what your child is going through physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally over the next 52 weeks. 
  • Conversations:  Understand how to approach conversations about faith, health, sexual integrity, and technology.
  • Practical Tips:  Strategies for nurturing physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual growth.
  • Parenting Cues:  Simple prompts to make the insights fit your kid's uniqueness and create connection.

You get approximately 936 weeks with your kid—from the time you bring them home until they move on to what’s next. The Phase Guides were created to equip you to parent in each phase with confidence—allowing you to make the most of the moments that matter. 

The Middle School Phase Guides Bundle includes:

  • Phase Guide: Parenting Your Sixth Grader
  • Phase Guide: Parenting Your Seventh Grader
  • Phase Guide: Parenting Your Eighth Grader

Purchase each guide separately here or purchase The Complete Phase Guide Series of all 18 guides here. Phase Guides are paperback and approximately 63 pages.


What Other Parents Are Saying:

“To know where your child is—not just physically, but emotionally, socially, and spiritually, helps you to truly know and understand who your child is. And that understanding is the key to connecting. The Phase Guides give you the tools to do just that.” - Sissy Goff M.Ed., LPC-MHSP

"Through the 'Parenting Your…' book series, I found not just a guide, but a companion that enlightened the path to raising my children with fewer regrets." – Sandra Stanley, author of Breathing Room, and co-author of Parenting: Getting it Right, foster care advocate, mother of three

"These books are not merely informative; they are an essential part of my parenting toolkit that brings joy and thoughtfulness to our daily interactions." – Carlos Whittaker, author and parent

These workbooks have changed my perspective on parenting for the better. It drives home the importance of being prepared to help in the development of your child.” - Bridget, parent 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and it was spot on for my 6th grader. I have raised 3 kids and wished I had the book for my 2 older ones.” - Harley, parent


Parent Cue is affiliated with a non-profit Christian organization whose mission is to help kids and teenagers have an authentic faith that supports their future.

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