Parenting in a Tech World: A handbook for raising kids in the digital age (Authors: Matt McKee and Titania Jordan)

Product image 1Parenting in a Tech World: A handbook for raising kids in the digital age (Authors: Matt McKee and Titania Jordan)
Product image 2Parenting in a Tech World: A handbook for raising kids in the digital age (Authors: Matt McKee and Titania Jordan)

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How do you know when your child is ready for a smartphone? Which apps are the most dangerous for my 13-year-old? What do I do if I catch my child watching porn? How do I get to a place of trusting my kid with social media? How do I spot signs of trouble in my kid from their use of social media?

These are questions parents ask every day - parents who are overwhelmed, fearful or ignorant about social media and technology. Parenting in a Tech World is for parents who don't know where to start with addressing the use of technology in their homes. Our book is a comprehensive resource that answers your questions, and provides you with a plan of action for developing a relationship between you, your child and technology.

Our families have been adversely affected by technology, just like yours. Whether it's viewing inappropriate material or being unable to focus on anything else. We've felt the tension of needing to use technology and being concerned with what our kids might stumble into online.

Also, our families have been positively affected by technology. Whether Facetiming with grandparents, chatting with friends who have moved away, or playing online games among siblings, we've benefitted from the connection that technology and social media can bring.

Parenting in a Tech World addresses common tensions surrounding tech, and provides a valuable perspective on how technology can't be ignored, but must be taught to be used responsibly. We break down how to talk to kids about tech, and how to teach them boundaries on social media. With practical tips, real-world advice from fellow parents, and helpful exercises, we walk you through how to nurture a healthy relationship between your kid and technology by the time they leave your house.

From hardware to new apps, to new users, to new features, we take a look at what you need to be mindful of when introducing anything to your family's online network. To fully equip you, we share impactful websites that provide tools you can use to inform yourself and develop a tech infrastructure for your family.

Though technology isn't inherently good or bad, it can be used either way. Through the use of statistics, we show you what's going on with kids and tech. And we prove exactly how important it is to monitor your child's technology use.

Parenting in a Tech World is your guide, from start through finish, to creating a healthy relationship with technology among your family members. The stakes for your child's wellbeing and safety are too high to gloss over the power technology has in our society. If you're looking for where to begin with managing technology in a healthy way, Parenting in a Tech World is that starting line.

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