Parenting Your - Variety Pack (18 Phases)

Product image 1Parenting Your - Variety Pack (18 Phases)
Product image 2Parenting Your - Variety Pack (18 Phases)
Product image 3Parenting Your - Variety Pack (18 Phases)
Product image 4Parenting Your - Variety Pack (18 Phases)
Product image 5Parenting Your - Variety Pack (18 Phases)
Product image 6Parenting Your - Variety Pack (18 Phases)
Product image 7Parenting Your - Variety Pack (18 Phases)
Product image 8Parenting Your - Variety Pack (18 Phases)

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Kids grow fast. As soon as you figure out what’s going on in the world—from their toddler brain development to their high school friend drama—everything changes. After all, it’s just a phase.

When change happens this fast, shaping your kid’s faith and character feels overwhelming.

The Parenting Your… book series is made of individual phase guides from birth to 12th grade. Each guide is based on hundreds of hours of research and countless interviews with child development experts, professional counselors, teachers, and parents.

More than a "journal" but less than a detailed "manual" this guide was made for busy parents to capture their thoughts and observations to make the most of every phase. Remember, it’s just a phase… so don’t miss it.

In every guide, expect to discover:

  • What’s changing over the next 52 weeks
  • The 6 things each phase needs the most
  • How to approach conversations about faith, heath, sexual integrity and technology
  • How your kid will be changing physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually

Purchase each book separately here. Parenting Your… books are paperback and approximately 63 pages.


“We all know where we want to end up in our parenting, but how to get there can seem like an unsolved mystery. Through the Parenting Your… book series, Reggie Joiner and Kristen Ivy team up to help us out. The result is a resource that guides us through the different seasons of raising children and provides a roadmap to parenting in such a way that we finish up with very few regrets.” 

 ––Sandra Stanley,
Foster Care Advocate, Blogger, Wife to Andy Stanley, and Parent of Three

“Not only is the Parenting Your… series the most creative and well thought out guide to parenting I have ever encountered, these books are ESSENTIAL to my daily parenting. With a 13-year-old, 11-year-old, and 9-year-old at home, I am swimming in their wake of daily drama and delicacy. These books are a reminder to enjoy every second. Because it’s just a phase.”

 ––Carlos Whittaker,
      Author, Speaker, and Parent of Three

“Love the thought-provoking questions and well-rounded teachings. I enjoyed the application portion with how to invoke change and more thoughtfulness.”

 ––Verified Amazon Purchaser,
      Parenting Your… One-Year-Old Book

“Great reminder for all parents that time is of the essence. Does a great job of setting goals without using fear as the instigator.”

 ––Verified Amazon Purchaser,
      Parenting Your… Sixth Grader Book

“These workbooks have changed my perspective on parenting for the better. It drives home the importance of being prepared to help in the development of your child.”

 ––Verified Amazon Purchaser,
     Parenting Your…Ninth Grader Book



Parent Cue is affiliated with a non-profit Christian organization whose mission is to help kids and teenagers have an authentic faith that supports their future.


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